All around town we hear stories that never make online, or just get lost in the information superhighway.  Your friends at the Earl want to bring you the latest news and/or gossip from around town. We have a team to volunteers and we're always looking for more. This is a place for fun, so we will NEVER talk politics, EVER! Don't ask! But we will make fun of politicians . If you get offended by something you read here, you can send us a hatefilled email telling us how awful we are. We'll make sure to print them out and them the home during Christmas break so our familes can be made aware we are awful. If you love what you read, share it, tell your friends, we like friends. If you want to submit a story, please do so, but just know we will use our volunteers to research the story before we tell it! But the main goal here is to spread good! 


Super Secret Spy Club

We all know Elverta and Rio Linda are small towns. Everyone knows everyone, or thinks they know. We aren't hiding who we are out of fear, we just want things to remain lighthearted and fun. We'd love share stories of other's doing good too! So send us emails telling us who needs recognition! 


We Strive to be Professional

We will handle all the stories with   integrity. We will however add our thoughts or the thoughts of the people we have talked to around town.  This should be a place where people can engage in dialouge without hurt feelings! 

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